Palm Database export/import

From: Phil Halldron <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 20:51:19 CEST

I am running Abiword 2.1.3 on Mandrake Linux 9.2

I would like to be able to export and import Palm database files. According to
your Plug-in Matrix, the plug-in is available and generally works well.

However, when I open up the import or export dialogue from the File menu, I do
not see Palm Database File (.pdb) in the pull down list of available filters.
I see other filters like WordPerfect, KOffice, Docbook etc... but no sign of
Palm Database.

Neither is a Palm Database filter listed in the Abiword Plug-in Manager (Tools
-> Plugins...)

I first installed version 2.0.0 from the Mandrake Powerpack installation CD's.
Not finding the Palm database filter in the pull down list, I assumed that
this was because I did not have the latest version. I then installed 2.0.6
from the Abisource website. Again, no sign of Palm Database files in the pull
down list. Finally, I obtained version 2.1.3 from the Mandrake Cooker. Still
no sign of the elusive filter.

In all instances of installation, I selected the Abiword rpm plus the
import/export plug-in rpm to install so I don't think I have missed anything.

Please tell me how I can obtain the ability to import and export palm database
files. Is it even available for Mandrake Linux?

Thanks in advance.

P. Halldron

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