AbiWord 2.0.3 crashes under Win98 when opening a file

From: BamseIsUnix (miikkaleskinen_at_mailforce.net)
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 01:52:32 EST

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    This happens to me every time. I've tried to open .DOC and .SXW files but opening the file makes
    AbiWord 2.0.3 crash hidiously. I have tried with and without the plugins but it isn't them. Neither
    are the DLLs corrupted because I've downloaded and reinstalled the program plently of times. I only
    receive an error message in my own language saying that there has been an acute error and AbiWord
    shut down. Still, it manages to save the document as "document.doc.saved" or whatever.

    I use 2.0.2 now. I tried this software yesterday for the first time. I can't believe such a word
    processor would exist! Minimum requirement is 486 for Win32and I thought my 333Mhz/128Mb was ancient.
    The fact is that if get the 2.0.3 version running correctly, I don't need MS Office anymore. I
    don't have to upgrade from Word 97 to full office package e.g. MS Office 2000 and pay $$$$$. Now
    if I only got a spreadsheet and presentation software that would be as compatible with MS Office as
    AbiWord, I'd be fine. Are there any others than OpenOffice.org? I'd prefer standalone Office
    components more, not 150 Mb+ bloated Office monster. OOo is great (!!), but I need something smaller.

    I just need to get my work done in a MS world (so please help me with this nasty bug).

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