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Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 08:51:12 EST

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    --- van den reysen joseph <> wrote:
    > I sent a message yesterday sent back by majordomo as
    > in error, when I have
    > registerd!
    > please help on the following:
    > I can type in amharic but only after localising
    > linux to amharic. The command
    > language in abiword doesn't work in LInux? I am
    > using Mandrake9.0.
    > what to do?

    Please use email subjects.

    Amharic's language code is "am". If you run AbiWord
    from the command line, do this:

    LANG=am AbiWord-2.0

    The "Tools->Language" menu only sets the
    spell-checking language for the selected text.


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