Re: How to setup abiword spell checker in SuSE 9?

From: James Ogley (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 10:11:46 EST

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    > Not so. Enchant ships with Myspell and Ispell support
    > builtin by default. Make sure that you either:
    > 1) Build against Aspell and use their dictionaries
    > Please don't pass the buck so lightly...

    With apologies to Dom, and also thanks to him for helping my pinpoint
    the problem.

    There was a bug, but not in Enchant itself, in my spec file. It meant
    that some (required) files were ending up in enchant-devel, not enchant,
    spell checking worked fine if you had enchant-devel installed.

    Anyway, I've now rebuilt the packages, and pending them being uploaded
    to the main download area, you can grab them from
    - they're in the dependencies section.


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