2.2.1 extra output to stdout?

From: Jim Hettmer <hettmerj_at_bluemarble.net>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 06:07:59 CET

   Just finally got an RH9 system up and downloaded the latest abi (rpm's, I
guess they figured out the Gnome desktop). It is SO COOL. OMIGOODNESS. I
did terrible things and THEY ALL WORKED! You people are fantastic.
   I do have this odd thing happening, and don't recall seeing it on the
mailing list: there is all sorts of output to the terminal window. Looks like
embellished XML of my file, and something about "Dashboard". I can live with
it, but I didn't see any reference to "dashboard" in the help contents nor
anything obvious about turning it off, and I guess I would like to.
   Suggestions would be appreciated. With that trivial exception, this is a
wonderful piece of work, and I am really looking forward to finally using
exactly the text processor I have always wanted.
   Thanks to all.
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