Overzealous autocorrect in 2.0.x

From: busmanus (busmanus.lk_at_freemail.hu)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 20:43:16 EDT

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    I recently tried to type some Classical Greek with AbiWord (v2.0.0 and
    2.0.6). Those ot you who speak Greek will know, that it has two standard
    forms for the small letter "sigma" (mapped to two different codepoints
    of the Unicode table): one is normally used only at the end of words,
    the other in every other position. Now I had to realize, that AbiWord
    doesn't care which form I type, it simply corrects it to the one
    required by the official orthography, and I didn't find the way to
    switch this behaviour off. Of course this is generally not a problem,
    but imagine a scholar trying to give a letter-for-letter quotation from
    an early manuscript, not "knowing" about our present day conventions,
    and finding his work "corrected" by a word-processor! The funny thing is
    that I don't even have a Greek spell checker installed, so the function
    seems to be hard-wired into the binary.
         I generally regard making any kind of autocorrect function
    unswitchable as a very bad idea, so I intend to submit a bug report
    about this. But before that I need to make sure that I didn't miss
    something in the Preferences... that may solve the problem. So please
    tell me if I did.



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