Abiword 2.0 and Polish spell checking

From: Derek Sergeant (dereksergeant_at_wp.pl)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 03:53:54 EDT

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    The slow 586 I "maintain" (have access to less than 2hrs a
    month) is an Intel Pentium MMX 166MHz

    Upgrades of things like GTK+ must go smoothly (seamlessly).
    Are there any pitfalls trying to go straight from GTK+1.2.8
    to GTK+ 2.2 [ I do not want to learn how to upgrade glibc2 ]

    More details that might help: I am running almost vanilla
    Mandrake 7.2 (with only upgrades to abiword 1.0.7 !) under

    When compiling and installing abiword 1.0.7 I came across a
    problem with the compatibility of the Polish ispell file and
    the codepage that my fonts use. This means that the spell
    checker suggests the best spelling for a word as the same
    spelling (but with a strange character where the accents

    If I take the plunge to abiword 2, then I want to avoid this
    (or be given explicit instructions on building my dictionary
    file from a set of words). In which case I would like to
    know if a pspell build is better, or the current ispell list
    will work differently than it did in abiword 1.0.7

    Guess that is sufficient for an abiword list. Forgive me for
    being so demanding.


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