Re: Abi 3.0 should target compatibility issues

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 23:05:29 EDT

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    > > But then, I haven't programmed in years and am
    > far
    > > from au courant, so I'm just talking through my
    > hat
    > > and may be totally wrong. And I do mean this as
    > a
    > > what-the-user-wants tip for 3.0, not a criticism
    > of 1
    > > and 2 or the developers who gave them to us. In
    > the
    > > early versions, it was only natural and proper to
    > > concentrate on getting something up and running
    > that
    > > would be worth using. I write this because I
    > suspect
    > > that, especially in a decentralized, volunteer
    > > organization like abi, with no one exactly in
    > charge
    > > and authorized to turn the whole thing on a dime,
    > > institutional habit and momentum may inhibit the
    > sort
    > > of grand rethinking I'm talking about, even when
    > it is needed.
    > Based on uwog's comment, I'm fairly certain there is
    > a numero uno guy in charge...Dom. Wv, Wmf, Enchant
    > and, of course, Abi are his focus, and that all
    > really leads back to Abi. If Dom says, "Let's scrap
    > AbiCapi," it gets scrapped; if Dom says, "Let's
    > rewrite the graphics rendering," it gets rewritten;
    > if Dom says, "Lets make pink the default page
    > colour," um, we'll probably kick that guy out of the
    > chat room and call the Philly police to make sure
    > he's still alive (and sane).

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm very much in charge
    and leading the way. If you'd like to have some input,
    I encourage you to start contributing to the codebase
    and to the abiword-dev mailinglist.

    Messages like this are come off as inappropriate and
    arrogant. It looks like you're trying to subvert
    something that is very much not your project. As it
    stands, you have very little influence here. If you'd
    like to change that, start contibuting in a meaningful

    And 'Zen, I live in Boston now :)


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