Bug with numbered headings?

From: Pedro Sanchez (psanchez@nortelnetworks.com)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 17:06:25 EDT

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    I do the following in abiword: Open a new document, type Hi, select
    "Numbereing Heading 1," hit the return key, type Hello, select
    "Numbering Heading 2."

    I was expecting to get the following:

    1. Hi
    1.1 Hello

    Instead I get the following:

    1. Hi
    1.<garbage-here> Hello

    The <garbage-here> is a bunch of unprintable characters coming out of
    nowhere. And more garbage is added if I follow the above steps with a
    couple of mouse clicks on the arrow of the style menu.

    Following the above, abiword is totally hosed. It usually crashes after
    a few operations (like attempting to add a "Numbering Heading 3" item).

    Can you verify if you see this behaviour as well? Or is it just me?

    I'm running abiword-gnome version 1.99.5+cvs.2003.08.30-1 in the Debian
    GNU/Linux unstable tree.



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