Re: Spanish Dictionary With No accents?

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 17:35:51 EDT

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    > Because he KNOWS most users of this list are
    > speakers of English, he requested
    > that somebody with better English than his translate
    > his note into English.
    > Nothing wrong with that, I think. As you see, he is
    > way ahead of you.

    So why didn't you translate it and resend it to the
    > In any case, unless the developer of the program
    > chooses to limit its
    > distribution to English-speaking countries, it
    > doesn't seem fair to prevent its
    > non-English-speaking users from asking for help,
    > giving it, or making comments.
    > Those who can't read such messages will have lost
    > nothing if they just skip
    > them.

    This attitude is at once both beneficial and
    detrimental to the project. It's quite likely that for
    any given problem, its scope won't be limited to those
    people who speak a single given language (for example,

    We welcome people to discuss their problems about
    AbiWord in all convenient languages. However, as those
    with the know-how to solve these problems (like Hub
    and myself) will likely not know the questioner's
    language. As such, an intermediate and common
    language, such as English, is necessary in order to
    get help from those with the knowledge to those with
    the problems. Understand that there is an appropriate
    time and place for everything. AbiWord-user is not
    necessarily the proper place for questions in Spanish.

    In doing so, we've made a policy that the AbiWord
    lists should be English-only. At worst, non-English
    emails should be prefixed with something like "I don't
    speak English well. Can anyone translate this and help
    me? Thanks." In the future, please keep this in mind.

    Oh, and berating the project's developers just because
    they don't know Spanish isn't necessarily the best way
    to get assistance. Just FYI.

    Best regards,

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