The AbiWord team is proud to announce version 2.0.1 of the AbiWord Word Processor.  The cross platform, Free Software, Word Processor used by millions of people around the world.

This release marks the first official binary release of AbiWord for the Windows and QNX operating systems. Users on these platforms can now enjoy all the benefits of  AbiWord's 2.0 powerful features and leading-edge ease of use.

The 2.0.1 release provides numerous bug fixes in particular for the "Revision Tracking" feature. In addition, the Windows version now has JPEG, GIF and BMP support included.

AbiWord can be downloaded from our website at For a quick introduction to AbiWord and it's many features, please take a brief tour at

Binaries for AbiWord for Windows, QNX, SUSE 9.0 and RedHat 9 are available for download at

A brief ChangeLog of the changes made from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1:

Blank lines in tables get the same properties as lines with text - Martin

Fix drawing in selected nested cells - Martin

Fix crash pasting tables into header/footers - Martin

Toolbar buttons remain enabled after losing selection - Marc Oude Kotte

Deletions and additions in revisions marks not distinguishable - Marc Maurer  

Many documentations fixes and improvements - Francis J. Franklin

XHTML export improvements - Francis J. Franklin

QNX specific fixes of various kinds in UT_String - Johan Bjork

MSWord importer fix - Francis J. Franklin

XML Character fixes - Mark Gilbert

Ruler crash fixes - Martin

Build fixes from fribidi issues - Francis J. Franklin

Psion reader fixes and improvements - Jeremy Davis

Incorrect string encoding conversion - Dom

Unix window size was not remembered correctly - Dom

Completely fix Windows Graphics Class - Dom, Jordi Mas, Martin, Marc Maurer, Jeremy Davis, Tomas Frydich, Marc Oude Kotte

Fix printing of multiple copies of documents - Dom

Windows installer fixes - Jeremy Davis

Fix Windows Zoom Dialog - Marc Maurer

Fix Windows Page number dialog - Marc Maurer

Fix Windows Format Table dialog - Marc Maurer

XHTML importer fixes - Francis J. Franklin

QNX build fixes - Johan Bjork

QNX Graphics class fixes - Johan Bjork

Fix Thesaurus plugin - Jeremy Davis

Fix Windows build for  Win32 2.4 API - Jeremy Davis

Fix wordperfect plugin Marc Maurer

Fix AbiCommand plugin - Marc Maurer

Fix memory error in Human Readable text exporter - Marc Maurer

Hancom plugin fix - Jeremy Katz

Various fixes to the GTK Plugin dialog - Marc Maurer

Ligature fixes for Latin-1 - Dom

BiDi fixes - Tomas Frydrich

Fix crash in Delete Revision - Tomas Frydrich

Fix for scrolling to reduce the double line effect - Martin

Use native Win32 graphics function to import images - Jordi Mas, Jeremy Davis, Marc Maurer

Various Revision Mark fixes - Tomas Frydrich

Build fixes - Dom, Hub, Marc Maurer