Re: Footnotes/Endnotes: Have They Worked for Anyone?

Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 18:16:08 EST

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    > No Problem. I've put a lot of time and effort into abiword and into
    > footntes and endnotes in particular. If there are bugs that prevent these
    > features from being useful or AbiWord from being used, I want to hear
    > about them.
    . . .
    > OK I made things so AbiWord won't crash. The document will look horrible
    > but hopefully your student will get the message and won't make rediculusly
    > large footnotes. (Mark them down anyway.)
    . . .
    > This is fixed now. Also to get back to just after the footnote/endnote
    > reference press cntrl-End in the footnote/endnote text.
    . . .
    > I got this correct from the start. Footnote/Endnote behaviour is
    > document-wide. No need to change things in each section.
    . . .
    > OK I changed the default behaviour to the type you requested. It's still
    > not editable though.
    . . .
    > This is done now. Press cntrl-End get back to the footnote/endnote
    > reference. I agree that this is a very useful feature.
    . . .
    > OK these are all fixed.
    . . .
    > OK this is not fixed yet. I'll let you when it's done. I think you'll see
    > all your issues fixed in the next release.
    . . .
    > Cheers,
    > Martin

    This thread is an incredible advertisement for open source development.
    May I nominate Martin Sevier for OSS sainthood?

    Thanks ever so much! If there is a build before release that
    incorporates the work you've just done, please let the list know -- I'm
    awfully eager to give it a try.

    Thanks again!

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