Re: Footnotes/Endnotes: Have They Worked for Anyone?

Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 08:24:32 EST

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    >> Thanks very much for your detailed descriptions of your problems with
    >> footnotes. I've heard anecdotally that people have had problems with
    >> them
    >> but I haven't had such a nice description of the issues centralized in
    >> one
    >> place. I'll address these concerns and fix the problems.
    > Thank YOU, Martin! I expected this list to be helpful, but I didn't
    > think the very first reply would be a pledge to "fix the problems"!

    No Problem. I've put a lot of time and effort into abiword and into
    footntes and endnotes in particular. If there are bugs that prevent these
    features from being useful or AbiWord from being used, I want to hear
    about them. Clear descriptions of the issues like yours make fixing things
    much easier too.

    >>>4608, "very large footnotes behave very badly" (they cause crashes and
    >>>file corruption)
    >> This is a problem if the footnote gets bigger than the size of a page. I
    >> would be extremely surprised if anyone intentionaly wrote a document
    >> this
    >> way. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    > As r coyne noted in another reply, footnotes longer than a page do
    > occur, especially in legal scholarship (and yes, usually to bad
    > effect!). I believe The Chicago Manual of Style (widely used in North
    > American publishing) recommends that at least five lines of text appear
    > above any note or group of notes that threatens to spill across an
    > entire page. Would implementing such a rule make it easier for AbiWord
    > to avoid the problems described in Bug 4608? I'm more worried about
    > avoiding crashes than facilitating mammoth notes myself . . .

    OK I made things so AbiWord won't crash. The document will look horrible
    but hopefully your student will get the message and won't make rediculusly
    large footnotes. (Mark them down anyway.)

    >>>4707, "Can't select [or compose] to the right of a where a footnote was
    >>>added" (this is pretty important!)
    >> I agree this is important I thought it was fixed. I'll check to see if
    >> it
    >> is and close the bug.
    > It's still happening in 2.0.1 (Windows build), but only if the note
    > number is at the end of the document. Of course, that's often where it
    > is when you're drafting. Specifically, if a note number is at the end of
    > the text and you want to get just to the right of it, you can't
    > mouse-click to the right or below it to place the cursor at the end of
    > the document, and pressing End puts you into the footnote, not at the
    > end of the line. (Ctrl-End puts you where you want to go, or you can
    > "sneak up on it" using the arrow keys -- but neither of these are
    > intuitive solutions for people used to Word, WordPerfect, etc.) A quick
    > partial fix would be to swap the functionality of End and Ctrl-End:
    > People's expectation that End gets them to the end of the current line
    > would not be broken, and Ctrl-End would become a consistent "switch into
    > or out of note text" key chord.

    This is fixed now. Also to get back to just after the footnote/endnote
    reference press cntrl-End in the footnote/endnote text.

    >>>5495, "Footnote insertion and formatting" (can't change note formatting
    >>>across whole document)
    >> The format footnote dialog allows you to choose one of 12 different
    >> footnote styles and to restart footnotes per page, or per section. I'll
    >> check this again.
    > Right -- I think we're just hoping that formatting changes could also be
    > applied in one operation across a multisection document. I recently
    > edited a dissertation chapter composed in MS Word that had over two
    > dozen sections. It would have been a bore to perform formatting changes
    > two dozen times . . .

    I got this correct from the start. Footnote/Endnote behaviour is
    document-wide. No need to change things in each section.

    >>>5598, "Footnote" (can't change footnote separator line from default
    >>>long-and-centered format)
    >> This has not been implemented true. If it's important I'll do it.
    > It should be trivial, but it isn't. I know of a number of journals that
    > would reject a manuscript with a long, centered note separator line, and
    > my university would reject my dissertation if it were formatted this
    > way. Stylesheets that enforce such rules almost always dictate a short,
    > left-justified separator line (at least in the USA and Canada -- I won't
    > generalize to other publishing cultures!). Maybe that could be the
    > default until someone feels like adding a range of choices?

    OK I changed the default behaviour to the type you requested. It's still
    not editable though.

    >>>5716, "Footnotes" (can't jump from note text back to body text at site
    >>>of note number)
    >> This has not been implemented. It is actually not hard to do this. How
    >> do
    >> you suggest this feature be implemented.
    > MS Word and Writer both use Ctrl-End to jump from the
    > note text back to where you had been typing (just to the right of the
    > new note number). In AbiWord, Ctrl-End takes you to the end of the body
    > text, which is not necessarily where the note number is. I'd vote to do
    > it the Word/OOo way (it's the WordPerfect way, too, only it uses Ctrl-F4
    > instead.)

    This is done now. Press cntrl-End get back to the footnote/endnote
    reference. I agree that this is a very useful feature.

    >>>5773, 5774, 5775 (deleting both a note and its in-text note number is
    >>>difficult and/or dangerous)
    >> I'll check these out. It should not be either difficult or dangerous.
    > The bug reports do a good job of describing these problems; I won't add
    > more.

    OK these are all fixed.

    > One last issue I forgot to mention earlier. I like to switch to "Web
    > Layout" view to reduce clutter and increase font readability. If I'm
    > typing there and decide to insert footnote #1, I am moved to what looks
    > like an empty document and I can't see any of my keystroke output. In
    > fact, I'm in Footnote 1 and my keystrokes are being recorded -- but it's
    > happening below the bottom of the screen. Once I figured this out it no
    > longer bothered me, but my initial reaction was that footnotes were 100%
    > broken, and maybe even Abiword was 100% broken. I will report this as a
    > bug.

    OK this is not fixed yet. I'll let you when it's done. I think you'll see
    all your issues fixed in the next release.



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