Re: Footnotes/Endnotes: Have They Worked for Anyone?

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Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 18:34:05 EST

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    Subject: Footnotes/Endnotes: Have They Worked for Anyone?

    > Hi -- I am a student who has been downloading Abiword every so often for
    > at least a couple of years now, and I am impressed by the progress it
    > has made. I would really like to migrate to a single word processor that
    > I can use at home under Linux and at school under Windows (Abiword runs
    > nicely from a Zip disk in the Windows computer labs; don't try this with

    I too have been waiting for the footnote/endnote function so that I could
    use Abiword for my own academic work. I'm very happy with recent
    developments (2.0.1) and want to urge my students and colleagues to try
    Abiword (I teach university-level writing). I'd like to hear from anyone
    (college students/instructors) with ideas for urging students to eventually
    adopt Abiword as their *primary* writing tool. What technical problems have
    been encountered? How have they been overcome? (Abiword on Zip disk is one
    great idea I hadn't thought of.) Have there been significant
    file-sharing/compatibility problems?

    A side point: Writing teachers need to modify multiple student drafts
    quickly--showing both original and revised versions. Does anyone have advice
    on how to do this quickly (minimum number of steps) while showing "before"
    and "after" versions clearly in the same document?

    Any ideas on this would help us teachers open up the academic community to

    (Apologies if this does not respond directly enough to the preceding
    message; this is my first posting.)

    > I'd move to AbiWord in a flash if it weren't for one problem: footnotes
    > and endnotes. They've been listed as a feature since Version 1.1x, but
    > they've always seemed to be more broken than working -- even in my copy
    > of the just-released 2.0.1 (Windows version).
    > Maybe it's just me? Well, I've roamed around the archives of this
    > discussion list, checked the Twicki, and searched the Web at large for
    > anyone reporting success using notes in AbiWord. No luck.
    > Hence my question: Has anyone out there actually written a footnoted
    > term paper, or any similar document that relies heavily on footnotes or
    > endnotes, using AbiWord? If so, how did you do it? And if you had
    > problems along the way, how did you solve them?
    > By the way, here is a list of problems I've experienced. I won't
    > describe them in great detail because they all seem to be the subjects
    > of open bug reports:
    > 4608, "very large footnotes behave very badly" (they cause crashes and
    > file corruption)
    > 4707, "Can't select [or compose] to the right of a where a footnote was
    > added" (this is pretty important!)
    > 5495, "Footnote insertion and formatting" (can't change note formatting
    > across whole document)
    > 5598, "Footnote" (can't change footnote separator line from default
    > long-and-centered format)
    > 5716, "Footnotes" (can't jump from note text back to body text at site
    > of note number)
    > 5773, 5774, 5775 (deleting both a note and its in-text note number is
    > difficult and/or dangerous)
    > I'll be happy to hear that everybody else has learned how to use notes
    > successfully in AbiWord and learn that I'm just having trouble with my
    > own dumb mistakes. Thanks for all responses!
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