RE: Input method for Unicode characters

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Mon Nov 17 2003 - 02:34:28 EST

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    Hi Boris, All,

    Full disclosure: I do software development, so perhaps
    I should be pressed to volunteer this thing myself ;-)

    "Boris Kortiak" <> wrote:
    > There may be a way to simplify the keyboards. There used to be a tool that
    > would allow you to reassign which character was displayed when you typed a
    > particular key.

    This would be fine, if I want to use one script for longer a
    period of time. My typical use case is using strange scripts
    I never previously heard about for a (hopefully) short period
    of time (when doing I18n for other software). So using
    Unicode hex values are normally easier than learning
    a new keyword.

    > Try asking on one of the Windows mailing lists
    > about how to set up keyboards.

    It was already discussed on the
    mailing list that it is impossible to setup a generic
    Unicode keyboard this way (only by writing a complete
    new keyboard driver). And that the IME method is the
    most generic way, which should work with nearly all

    > Another option that is available is to use the entities for the Unicode
    > characters. I haven't tried this myself yet, but it isn't too hard to test.
    > Just type in &#1031; (hex 0407) to get the Ukrainian Cyrillic letter that
    > looks like a double dotted i.

    Yes. Just tested it. Long live XML based document formats!
    It's cool, but not much better than cut+paste.

    Peter Jacobi

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