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Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 22:53:58 EST

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    Are you entering symbols only or something different? If it is something
    different, please provide information about what you are doing.

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    > Subject: Input method for Unicode characters
    > Hi,
    > I'm wondering whether I missed to find a method to input Unicode
    > characters into AbiWord (I'm using 1.99.6 on W2K).
    > As was already discussed, "Insert Symbol" tends to hang on exotic fonts.
    > And in addition, it works only for the broken and definitievly 20th
    > century
    > method of special characters mapped to the Latin-1 codepoint range.
    > I.e., when I choose "Code 2000" in "Insert Symbol" only the first 256
    > codepoints are shown, as in "Code 2000" the special characters are on
    > their true Unicode position.
    > I've just found out about a standard feature of the RichEdit control,
    > which
    > is unbelieveably usefull:
    > <cite>
    > A handy hex-to-Unicode entry method works with WordPad 2000/XP, Office
    > 2000/XP edit boxes, RichEdit controls in general, and in Microsoft Word
    > 2002. Basically you type a character's hexadecimal code (in ASCII),
    > making
    > corrections as need be, and then type Alt+x. Presto! The hexadecimal code
    > is replaced by the corresponding Unicode character. The Alt+x is a toggle,
    > that is, type it once to convert the hex code to a character and type it
    > again to convert the character back to a hex code. If the hex code is
    > preceded by one or more hexadecimal digits, you need to "select" the code
    > so that the preceding hexadecimal characters aren't included in the code.
    > The code can range up to the value 0x10FFFF, which is the highest
    > character
    > in the 17 planes of Unicode.
    > The only problem with this approach is that some programs use Alt+x for
    > something else (like quit) or the keyboard doesn't have direct access to
    > ASCII alphabetics.
    > It's not patented, so anyone can use it :-)
    > </cite>
    > Any developers reading this? Any chance to get something similar?
    > Best Regards,
    > Peter Jacobi
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