Re: Screen Kerning?

From: Stephen Viles (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 16:09:19 EST

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    10/11/03 3:11:46 AM, "Richard Fry" <> wrote:

    >> I am trying to get AbiWord 2.0.1 installed right on a new laptop, and note
    >> that the rich-text fonts are not displaying well on the screen. Even at
    >> fairly large font sizes, some characters practically join together, making
    >> the text hard to read. Is there a cure for that?
    >> Richard Fry
    >> Illinois
    > Stephen Viles asks: "Which operating system and version are you using?
    > WIN 98SE. Arial and Tahoma fonts show these effects, especially.
    > For "calibration," I am also trying the Jarte WP program -- and the screen
    > display looks good with those same two fonts, at the same font sizes.

    I am also using Window 98SE, and I don't seem to get this problem, even using
    Arial or Tahoma at 150pt size and at various zooms (100%, 200%, Page Width).

    All I can suggest is searching for a similar bug at
    and either attach a screenshot to the bug (if you find one) or create a new bug
    and attach a screenshot to it (if you don't find a similar bug). This will help
    us track down the problem and hopefully fix it - so you would be helping everyone
    who encounters this problem in the future.

    Cheers - Stephen.

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