Re: Showing highlighted text

Date: Sun Nov 09 2003 - 19:57:49 EST

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    > Hi,
    > I have not been able to show highlighted text correctly with either
    > abiword-2.0.0 or abiword-2.0.1. The text is highlighted as far as the
    > operation of the program is concerned (it manipulates the selected text
    > in the ordinary way), but abiword chooses white as the background
    > colour for highlighting, which is indistinguishable from the background
    > white colour for unhighlighted text. So although the text is selected,
    > it cannot be identified by the user.
    > The only way I can indentify the selected text is by going to
    > Tools->Preferences->Layout, checking the "Allow screen colours other
    > than white" and picking a non-white colour (or doing the same via
    > Format->Background). However, then non-selected text has the chosen
    > colour as its background, and the selected text has a white background,
    > which is the reverse of the effect I would like.
    > I also notice that checking "Enable smart quotes" fails to work, even
    > though the relevant smart quote characters (U+201C and U+201D) are
    > available in the relevant font set and can be found by other word
    > processors, and indeed can be seen and displayed by abiword in
    > documents written with smart quotes by other word processors and then
    > opened up in abiword. However, this seems to be a different bug.
    > I compiled abiword myself from sources with gcc-3.2.3, and I am using
    > GTK+-2.2.4, gnome-2.4.0 and fontconfig-2.2.1.
    > Can anyone help?

    Hi Chris,
             The non-highligthing is probally due to a bug in your GTK+ theme.
    We use colors from your GTK theme to set the highlight color so
    AbiWord blends in with the rest of your desktop. A simple test
    would be to try a diffferent theme.

    The "enable smart-quotes" has not worked for a while. Maybe we should
    remove it from the preferences.


    > Chris.
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