From: Randy Kramer (rhkramer@fast.net)
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 07:49:42 EDT

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    A new unanswered Faq has been posted at

    "Unanswered -- Does Abiword have any support for footnotes and/or

    I could provide the simple answer "yes" but I think something more is
    appropriate -- at least something about the status in both stable
    (1.0.5?) and head, and maybe the menu items to choose to insert and/or
    view a footnote and endnote.

    To anyone who uses footnotes or endnotes -- please take a shot at
    answering some part of the question.

    Maybe if each contributor "releases the edit lock" as you save your
    work, the answer will evolve (if necessary) more quickly.

    Randy Kramer
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