Re: Reply-to list [Re: AbiWord Weekly News #137 (2003, week 13) released]

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Sun Mar 30 2003 - 16:37:34 EST

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    On dimanche, mars 30, 2003, at 19:26 Europe/Paris, stoney wrote:

    > Right. Put something like "to reply to the list" and "to
    > reply to the writer" in the footer message. That would save
    > me, and presumably others, some pasting.

    I still don't understand.

    > I could click on the bottom line rather than using my
    > emailer's built-in reply function.

    How ?

    > Any way we look at it, this discussion started with
    > talking about the footers, and I imagine that footers
    > are universal among mail clients, whereas the treatment
    > of "reply-to" headers is not. (Reference my Mozilla
    > automatically adding the reply-to to my messages.)

    They are too. Re-read RFC2822. If your e-mail client does not follow
    RFC2822 nor RFC822 (the older one, more than 20 yrs old !!!), then it
    is time to change you client.


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