Re: Reply-to list [Re: AbiWord Weekly News #137 (2003, week 13) released]

From: stoney (
Date: Sun Mar 30 2003 - 12:26:20 EST

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    Alan Horkan wrote:

    >>Hey, I looked! Okay, so why not set the reply-to address
    >>in the footer?
    > "why not set the reply-to address in the footer?"
    > i dont understand the question.
    > Reply-To would get set in the email Headers.
    > If by 'set' you mean inlcude some sort of message or comment in the
    > footnote/signature at the end of the mail, i dont have any problem with
    > that.

    Right. Put something like "to reply to the list" and "to
    reply to the writer" in the footer message. That would save
    me, and presumably others, some pasting.

    I could click on the bottom line rather than using my
    emailer's built-in reply function.

    Any way we look at it, this discussion started with
    talking about the footers, and I imagine that footers
    are universal among mail clients, whereas the treatment
    of "reply-to" headers is not. (Reference my Mozilla
    automatically adding the reply-to to my messages.)

    This is also the longest discussion I've seen so far
    that's talking about the LIST rather than Abiword...

    But it brought me out of lurking... :-)


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