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From: Bernard Lambey (
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 06:07:15 EST

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    To the Abi's builing conceptors
    When I have searched the goood directory, where I leave
    my letters archives, it would be very simple if I had the
    possibility to memorize it in an option, as the courrier
    reference directory (and you will find the good name
    in "good" english!).
    But, now, it is not possible, and I have to search, and I
    have to search again, and I have to search a new time,
    and I have to search still, and I have... etc, etc...
    And don't send me to bugzilla, I am too stupid to
    understand how it works... with half of your american
    vocabulary which is not in my dictionnary!...

    Bernard Lambey 
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