Re: some troubles about 1.1.4

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 16:41:05 EST

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    Hi Stefano,

    It's great that you tried this out. However, posting
    bugs on the user list is counter-productive.

    I recently wrote the following on

    We appreciate your trying it out, but comments like
    this in are useless to us and
    ultimately to your own cause. Please go to and file your issues. This way
    we can guarantee that they'll be looked into and
    eventually addressed. This is the *only* way 2.0 will
    be released and be usable by the masses, yourself

    Ideally people trying out development/unstable
    releases who build from source will compile with
    --enable-debug so that we might gather still more
    useful information from their crashes and hangs.

    Please do file bugs in bugzilla. We'll look into them


    --- Stefano Zanelli <> wrote:
    > Hi, All!
    > Using 1.1.4 on RH8.0 I've found some troubles.
    > a) Close a document and Abi crashes. Running abi in
    > a terminal, no error message is displayed.
    > b) Create a table, write something in a cell leaving
    > the cursor on the last letter of the word. Move the
    > cursor on another cell then left-click. The word you
    > wrote disappears. It reappears after an
    > unpredictable amount of time or if you move the
    > cursor on the position where the word should be.
    > c) Write a word ina a cell of the table, mark it
    > with the right mouse, delete the word with
    > basckspace. A white space appears instead of the
    > left border.
    > d) A file with tables is written using OO, saved in
    > .sxw format, reopened with OO then saved as a .rtf
    > file. This last file is then opened with Abi. After
    > a few adjustments the page is ok, but the margins of
    > the table cannot "cleared" so they are printed.
    > e) The above .sxw file is saved as a .doc
    > (97/2000/XP type). In this case it's no possible to
    > adjust the left side of the table and numbered list
    > indicators are inserted in tha page even if they are
    > no present in the original file.
    > f) A file is writte with OO using Times New Roman
    > font. It is correctly displayed with Abi, but there
    > is no way to use the above font even if it is
    > correctly shown in the window of the font.
    > I'm going on. :-))))
    > --
    > Ciao.
    > Stefano. -wmw-
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