Re: vi key bindings in Abiword on WIndows Xp

From: Stephen Viles (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 04:31:25 EST

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    7/03/03 10:03:43 AM, "Sivakumaran Raman" <> wrote:

    > I have just downloaded and installed Abiword on Windows XP. I wanted to
    > enable vi key bindings and added this to my Abiword.profile file:
    > <Scheme
    > name="_custom_"
    > KeyBindings="viEdit"
    > KeyBindingsCycle="1"
    > />
    > But nothing seems to be happening. I still cannot get vi key bindings. Can
    > someone help me out?

    Hmm, you seem to have done what is recommended in the TWiki FAQ at
    and also in the (obsolete) static FAQ at

    I found this two-step instruction at

    AbiWord is a really cool basic GUI word processor.

    One of its neat features is to use arbitrary key-bindings, including
    emacs-like and vi-like ones. Here's how to set this up. Edit your
    ~/.AbiSuite/AbiWord.Profile file. Then add something like this:


    And then, at the beginning, find the Select tag, and modify the scheme
    attribute to refer to the new Scheme you just typed:


    If this works, can you please update the TWiki FAQ to help other people.

    Cheers - Stephen.

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