Re: Turn off Toolbar grippie / Dublin paper

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 14:21:49 EDT

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    The Gnome Settings daemon is supposed to expor this to
    all GTK+ apps through XSettings. Unfortunately, it is

    Your best bet is to recompile abiword...

    Oh, and please use 1.99.1 and not 1.9.1


    --- Ralph Aichinger <> wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I wanted to ask if there is a way to make my abiword
    > toolbars non-detachable, as I have turned these
    > grippies
    > off in Gnome and I would prefer this to be
    > consistent.
    > (Version 1.9.1, Gnome, i386, Debian package)
    > This annoys me enough to even consider recompiling,
    > if
    > there is an easy "fix". Of course editing some
    > config
    > file would be preferred.
    > And in a completely different matter: I have seen
    > Screenshots of a paper presented at Guadec, but
    > did not find it on the site. Could you give a
    > pointer?
    > After having read the OO slides from Guadec I have
    > to say that I hope you will continue with AbiWord,
    > especially since the improvements have been drastic
    > recently and there is only one more feature missing
    > for me to never having to touch another word
    > processor
    > again on any platform[1].
    > OO is just not in the same league usability wise,
    > and what is worse, it does not show much improvement
    > in this area either. I can't imagine it ever coming
    > close to the HIG unless they change their whole
    > culture. Just adding eye-candy after the fact will
    > not be enough in the long run.
    > Thanks for your great program!
    > /ralph -- former Mac Write user who hates feeping
    > creaturism.
    > [1] A sensibly implemented Table of Contents/Index
    > that updates itself.

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