Turn off Toolbar grippie / Dublin paper

From: Ralph Aichinger (ralph@pangea.at)
Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 14:01:08 EDT

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    I wanted to ask if there is a way to make my abiword
    toolbars non-detachable, as I have turned these grippies
    off in Gnome and I would prefer this to be consistent.
    (Version 1.9.1, Gnome, i386, Debian package)

    This annoys me enough to even consider recompiling, if
    there is an easy "fix". Of course editing some config
    file would be preferred.

    And in a completely different matter: I have seen
    Screenshots of a paper presented at Guadec, but
    did not find it on the site. Could you give a pointer?

    After having read the OO slides from Guadec I have
    to say that I hope you will continue with AbiWord,
    especially since the improvements have been drastic
    recently and there is only one more feature missing
    for me to never having to touch another word processor
    again on any platform[1].

    OO is just not in the same league usability wise,
    and what is worse, it does not show much improvement
    in this area either. I can't imagine it ever coming
    close to the HIG unless they change their whole
    culture. Just adding eye-candy after the fact will
    not be enough in the long run.

    Thanks for your great program!
    /ralph -- former Mac Write user who hates feeping
    [1] A sensibly implemented Table of Contents/Index
        that updates itself.

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