Re: problems building abi in osx

From: Francis James Franklin (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 04:30:07 EDT

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    On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 02:07 AM, Mark Gilbert wrote:
    > On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 21:02, Jacobo Myerston wrote:
    >> I can't build version 1.99.2 on macosx. Neither the Cocoa nor the gtk
    >> version.
    >> building with --disable-Cocoa
    > You need a recent X11 (the one from Apple is recommended iirc, fjf will
    > tell you about that) including xft2 and fontconfig (which depend on
    > freetype2, which you are missing according to the error messages).

    I haven't built the gtk2 version on OSX in ages, mostly because of the
    hassle of freetype/fontconfig/Xft2 - I wish Apple would hurry up and
    release XFree86 4.3 - I know you can get this from other sources (e.g.,
    XDarwin, I think) but I prefer to use what Apple gives for the simple
    reason that that is what most end-users will be wanting.

    I do have a 44MB tar-ball which, I think, contains all the required
    dependencies for building the gtk2 version of AbiWord-2.0 which I can
    make available to you if you wish.

    The Cocoa version should be built using Project Builder. Hub likes to
    use fink for some libraries (e.g., libiconv) - if you're not a fink
    user, and if you know your way around Project Builder, then instead you
    can try building against my AbiCocoaDep framework (available for
    download from

    Regards, Frank

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