Re: Why I cannot print!?!?!?!?!??!

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 16:22:41 EST

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    On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Stefano Zanelli wrote:

    > Hi, ALL,
    > I'm feeling a little bit disgruntled!!!! :-) I'm a long time abi user
    > and I had no problem with versions till 1.0.4, then I tried 1.2.99 and I
    > wasn't able to print, tried with 1.1.3 on a RH8 machine but the same
    > error is present. I know it's my fault but I'm no able to solve it.
    > "This is the message error i get: Font data file
    > [/usr/share/default/Type1/n02003l.pfb cannot be opened for reading! Did
    > it disappear on us? AbiWord can't print without this file; your
    > PostScript might be missing this resource" Well... the file is present
    > as is n02003l.afm, the .pfb is present in fonts.cache-1, fonts.dir,
    > fonts.scale; I never had problem printing PostScript files. I installed
    > the fonts file from abiword-fonts-1.2.99 but the error message was still
    > there, I replaced the old files in .../Type1/ but the message error was
    > still present. I tried to run Abiword_d from inside a
    > rxvt/aterm/gnome-terminal/etc.. when I print OK in the print dialog box
    > I see on the terminal: "sh: line 1: Letter: command not found"
    > I don't really know what to do. I like abiword and I want use it now it
    > has table capabilities, but if I cannot print, what is it useful for???
    > Thank you
    > P.S. I wrote some time ago to the list exposing the same problem, but....
    > P.P.S. : I installed abiword-1.1.3-1.i386.rpm

    Yes I have that bug in 1.1.3 on at least one of my machines. I haven't
    chased it down yet. My appologies but ermmm 1.1.3 was by no means
    gaurenteed to work and getting this sort of feedback from users was
    exactly *why* we released so t it. So thanks very much and we'll look into
    it. Hopefully 1.1.4 will print on RH 8 "out of the box".

    I'll see if there is a work around in the meantime coz apart from that bug
    and another bad bug with justified paragraphs 1.1.3 is rather usable.



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