AbiWord 1.0.4 Heaser margin

From: Alan Rowan (arr242@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 13:59:50 EST

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    I am new to AbiWord and have downloaded the latest
    version for Windows, 1.0.4, Millennium Edition. I am
    trying to make a document that will print out and look
    like a paperback book with page numbers at the top
    outside of each page except for the first page of each
    chapter. My problem is that I do not understand what
    it is that is being set in Page Setup under Margins
    and Header. I thought the value I put in would be the
    distance from the top of the page to the start of the
    header block and that Top Margin was the distance from
    the top of the page to the start of the body of the
    text with the header ending at that distance. That
    does not seem to be the case. I played around and
    ended up with Top at 0.61 inches and Header at 0.31
    inches to get the page number printed out at the very
    top of the page. The Header block has 2 lines in it
    when I only need 1. Is there a way to cause the page
    numbers to be printed at the very top of the page
    where the printer margin is, 0.33 inches, and for the
    body of the text to start at 0.53 inches from the top
    of the page? The margins I set, Top 0.61 inches and
    Header 0.31 inches, are those which would avoid an
    error message of margins to large.

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