Re: gcc 3.3.1 and 1.99.4

From: Michael A. Peters (
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 05:57:24 EDT

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    On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 01:07, Mark Gilbert wrote:
    > My recommendation for production gcc33 systems like yours would be
    > defaulting to -fpermissive. As fond as I am of using gushing-blood-edge
    > compilers (which 3.3.1 is not), sometimes we are forced to accomodate
    > reality (-:
    > Best wishes
    > -MG

    After running (not sure that was needed) I ran a sed on the
    configure script to remove -pedantic - and AbiWord (and the plugins)
    built fine. So far hasn't crashed.

    But going off topic slightly - to other LFSers who might be reading,
    don't use gcc 3.3.1 - at this point I wish I hadn't. So far I have
    everything working, but the system is not as stable. Doesn't crash
    (kernel was compiled with 2.95.3 anyway) - but in evolution, my contacts
    do not appear in a list for me to choose from when I select the "To"
    button in compose, and xdm - sometimes when I exit my gnome session, the
    X display kicks down to 600x800 - and gnome starts slower than it did
    before, on identical hardware (the replacement drive is even the same
    model as the one that died) but w/ stuff compiled with gcc 3.2.3

    At least my xserver and kernel are stable - that's what is most
    important I guess :)

    I used the new gcc because I heard that with the 3.3 series - they were
    going to fix the issue where every new release has a libstdc++ that is
    not always binary compatable with previous release libstdc++ sometimes
    causing segfaults if you run stuff compiled against a slightly different

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