Re: building abicocoa newbie question

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 12:14:34 EDT

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    On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, ericzen wrote:

    > Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 08:17:05 -0500
    > From: ericzen <>
    > To: Brian Brown-Cashdollar <>
    > Cc:
    > Subject: Re: building abicocoa newbie question
    > On 2003.08.17 06:46 Brian Brown-Cashdollar wrote:
    > >
    > > My question is where am I supposed to locate this "fribidi" directory
    > > and should it just be unpacked or compiled?
    > I'm only guessing as based on the general source layout, but it should
    > be just unpacked in the top directory (peer to /abi not beneath it).

    If it is not where Eric suggested then try

    ls -R | grep fribidi | more

    if it does not show up then you might need to see this part of the CVS
    instructions page:

    AbiWord relies on some helper libraries. These are available in separate
    CVS modules which should also be checked out:

         $ cvs checkout zlib libpng expat wv libiconv
         $ cvs checkout abidistfiles unixfonts psiconv


    Alan Horkan

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