Abiword and Libranet

From: Keith Powell (keith@keithg4jvx.force9.co.uk)
Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 08:34:11 EDT

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    I have been trying Abiword1.99.3 with Libranet, and have had quite a lot of

    I downloaded the .rpms for Abiword, Aspell, clipart, plugins-impexp and
    plugins-tools, and converted them to .debs with Alien. (I have such
    horrendous problems with installing tarballs, that I keep clear of them as
    much as possible!)

    Abiword, Aspell and clipart all appear to work correctly. I can run them
    without any problems. However, the plugins are missing.

    They are installed in /usr/lib/AbiWord2.0/plugins, but the Abiword Plugin
    Manager is blank. If I try to install the plugins from their directory, I get
    the error msessage that it "Could not load/activate the plugin".

    The latest Abiword is so good, that I would like to use it as my main word

    I also run SuSE, and have installed 1.99.3 in that distro. The plugins are all
    there in the Plugin Manager.

    Can anyone offer any advice, please?

    Many thanks


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