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From: Stephen Viles (
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 17:55:30 EDT

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    12/08/03 8:32:23 PM, Hans Christian Andersen <> wrote:
    >Could someone give me a bit of info on how to install abiword on an RH7.3 or
    a RH9 and solving the problem with bidi library. I do not need this library,

    As far as I know, you will need the FriBiDi library to install AbiWord, even
    if you do not intend to use bidi functionality.

    > and a tried various ways of satisfying the dependings both with rhp and the tar.gz -sources.

    AbiWord 1.993 binaries for RH9 are available from the Latest Releases page
    maintained by Eric Zen:
    You will need one of the RH9 AbiWord RPMs (your choice of GTK/GNOME and i386/i686)
    and one of the FriBiDi RPMs under Additional Tools (you can use the binary RPM
    if you have an i686, otherwise you will need to compile from the source RPM).

    AbiWord 1.99.4 has just been released in source form. If you wait for a few days,
    the Latest Releases page will hopefully have links to RH9 RPMs for 1.99.4.

    I hope this helps. Please reply back to the list if you need more information.

    Cheers - Stephen.

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