Cursor position and print problems - 1.99.3 - Win98

From: Jack Dodds (
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 06:58:19 EDT

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    I have noticed some strange behaviour with Abiword on Windows 98. I
    have now upgraded to 1.99.3 (on two different Win98 computers) but some
    of this I have noticed with 1.9.1 and -maybe- earlier versions.

    1. The cursor is sometimes not displayed in the correct place.

    Specifically, I run Abiword (new document) and enter:

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped
    over the lazy dog.

    Then do View-Zoom-Zoom...-Percent and enter "103" as the zoom percentage.

    Now back to the Abiword window and with the mouse, put the cursor just
    after the second "dog" and before the ".". Now hit backspace. The "d"
    is deleted, not the "g".

    The problem does not occur if 100% or 110% or 200% zoom is used. It
    seems to happen when oddball zoom percentages are used. I encounter it
    most often when "page width" zoom is used. The discrepancy in cursor
    position is zero at the start of the line, and increases towards the end
    of the line.

    2. When documents are printed, some (not all) character widths appear to
    be greater than when they are shown on the screen. The result is that
    lines wrap sooner, and pagination gets messed up. In Windows documents
    generally, printed versions often have line breaks at different places
    than the screen display shows - but it is much worse with Abiword than
    with other word processors.

    Specifically, I run Abiword (new document) and enter:

    m m m m m m m m m m m m m m ... and so on until the line wraps, and
    there are five "m " on the second line.

    Then I print (on a Canon BJC-250).

    On the printed version, there are nine "m " on the wrapped line, i.e.
    the line has wrapped eight characters earlier (4 "m" and 4 blank). The
    actual line width is about 6.5 inches on the printed age, and also 6.5
    inches according to the Abiword ruler on the screen. So, the "m "
    combination is about 10% wider on the printed version. The problem does
    not occur with all characters, "m" seems to be especially bad.

    I have observed similar problems printing on two more sophisiticated
    printers, a Lexmark C720 and a Konica printer/scanner/copier (don't know
    the model).

    On the Konica, I had another problem which might be related. I wrote a
    memo and printed it. The font was Arial, 11 point. In the memo
    wherever the two character combination "fi" appeared", it was replaced
    with a dot. Some other character combinations also did this. In some
    cases, a character partially overprinted the preceding character.

    Right now the Abiword site appears to be down, or I'd enter these in
    Bugzilla, and I will do so when I can. But in the meantime, are other
    Windows users having these problems?

    Thanks and congratulations to the developers for producing a great piece
    of software! My university student daughter will really appreciate the
    new footnote/table features - she likes Abiword on her Thinkpad 600
    (Win98) but has had to finish off papers in OpenOffice to add these

    Jack Dodds

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