Re: Help With AbiWord For Windows?

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 05:58:27 EDT

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    Stephen, Curtis, All,

    Stephen wrote:
    > If you can type Danish and Mandarin characters into other Windows
    > applications, you should be able to type them into AbiWord. Let
    > us know if you have trouble with entering the characters.

    What I note here, at least on my WIN32 Abiword 1.0.3,
    is that I cannot use the Alt+numeric keypad method to input
    special characters. This is somewhat strange as I always thought
    this to be a 'builtin' capability of each WIN32 text input field. And it
    works just about in every other application.

    In CVS-STABLE-1-0-0 (which I just downloaded for comparison), it does work

    Peter Jacobi

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