Abi 1.0.9

From: Stefano Zanelli (stezane@tin.it)
Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 14:48:48 EDT

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    Hi All!

    I installed abi 1.0.9. It works!!! Well... tables are not yet perfect but they are usable. :-)))
    Two questions....
    How can I tell abi to use Arial or Helvetica fonts?? They are not present in the choice list.
    I forgot where custom.dic must be. I have it in ~/.AbiSuite, but when I add a word via Tools-Spelling-Add, the word is not added.

    Last question, may be a bug. I open a document, then Page Setup-Paper Size = A4 - Ok
    Next time I go to Page setup paper size is set as Custom. There is no way to fix ita as A4.

    Stefano.		    -wmw-

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