Re: Builing abiword-1.1.4

From: ericzen (
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 17:38:29 EDT

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    On 2003.04.13 16:43 Maya wrote:
    > After I type make to compile abiword-1.1.4, gcc-3.2 gives me an error
    > saying:
    > "../abi/src/af/ev/ev_Toolbar_Labels.cpp:30:29: fribidi/fribidi.h:No such
    > a file or directory"
    > Am I missing some files?

    Hi, Maya

    I'm staring at your message source and see you're using Ximian, so, I feel safe
    to assume, gcc or otherwise, that you're running POSIX-y software (probably
    some Linux).

    The peer libraries (the sources included outside of the directory /abi) are for
    creating the Windows binaries.

    Please use the REAL FriBiDi:

    If that doesn't fix things, write back to the list.

    Wishing you luck,
    <insert my other name here>
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