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From: Rich Shepard (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 14:04:08 EDT

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    On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, F J Franklin wrote:

    > Several people have asked about mail merge. At the moment, I think,
    > there's no easy solution. If you're willing to put a little effort into it
    > you use this suggestion:


      I found a couple of shell scripts there, most recently modifed by "L.P.
    Stedman" who does not give any e-mail address for questions. I'll start
    playing with them when I learn how to use the abi-command plugin.
    > AbiWord does have some support for envelopes, but I know nothing about it.

      Perhaps it's a matter of defining the appropriate paper size. I'm so new
    to abiword I've no idea what's available and what's not.

      Couple of buggy issues to report, I don't know where, so I'll mention them

      When I open abiword I see the font warning and the splash screen. As soon
    as the application is up, I go to Tools -> Preferences and I uncheck the
    boxes for both the font warning dialog box and the splash screen. Then I
    apply the changes. But, they don't stick. Next invocation, they're back. Is
    this me or the application?

      Each time abiword loads, the empty window is shrunk vertically and I have
    to resize the window to something practical. Is there a setting to change
    that will yield a larger window when first fired up?

      In preferences I did not see where to set the default data directory. When
    I invoke ctrl-o, I'm in my home directory and that's not where my processed
    word docs reside. Can I change this?

    Many thanks,


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