discreapincy (sic) between ispell and aspell

From: Chris Winne (chris@wru.umt.edu)
Date: Sat Nov 30 2002 - 23:00:32 EST

Ah, I finally got an aspell build (of CVS head) to work. Rumors were (via the
persistence of Kevin Atkinson) that aspell does a better job. Somehow the word
"discrepancy" came to mind, so I just typed it as I may, like I had no idea how
to spell it. It came out "discreapincy". Using the aspell build, discrepancy
was first on the list. The ispell build provided the wonderful "(no spelling

Anyway, it seems good to me. I can't say anything about the relative speed or
efficiency of aspell, the files I have tested so far are too small, but if any
of you folks can make or get an aspell build, it would be interesting to me to
hear what you think. It is those mangled words that spell checkers can never
get, and if aspell can do a better job, I am all for it.

Chris Winne

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