Removing extra codes

From: Hal Vaughan (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 23:50:06 EST

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    I'm using AbiWord in an unusual way. I use it to convert .doc files from
    clients into AbiWord's XML, so I can manipulate the files with a short Perl
    mailmerge script. (For example, I define fields with markings like:
    [#FirstName#], then I use the Perl script to search and replace the fields
    with the merge data.)

    Everything has been working perfectly until recently. Now I'm finding
    extraneous formatting codes that show up in the middle of my merge fields,
    for instance, in the sample above, I might find that </c><c {other format
    data}> has somehow crept in between two letters in the merge field. I figure
    this has happened because I (or my client, working with a Word file)
    accidently highlighted half the word when making a formatting change.

    These fields do not have a format change in the middle of the text. Any
    formatting codes that have crept in seem to be repitition or restatement of
    the currently valid formatting conditions.

    Is there any way I can use to remove these extra codes?


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