Re: Compilation stopped

From: Bernard Lambey (
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 08:48:57 EST

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    Mercredi 6 Novembre 2002 à 10h18, Peter C. Tribble a écrit :
    [ ... ]
    >Abiword 1.0.3 built fine for me on a freshly installed Mandrake 9 box.
    >(Including linking with -ldl.)
    >This looks to me like an attempt to build statically, which will fail
    >with exactly the error reported.
    >-Peter Tribble
    >HGMP Computing Services

    I don't understand the "statically" what you suggest as an error cause...
    1) I have "easily" installed the mdk v-9.0.
    2) In a console, I have copied "attentively", in "/root/tmp" empty directory,
        the "abiword-1.0.3.tar.gz" found on ""
    3) I entered "slowly" the command " tar -xzvf abi*" in a console.
    4) I entered "resolutely" the new directory abiword-1.0.3 and
    5) I made "usually" << ./configure >>, then <<make>>, and
       you know the result...
    ...but thanks "frankly" for your help...
    Bernard Lambey

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