AbiWord Weekly News #116 (2002, week 44) released

From: ericzen (ericzen@ez-net.com)
Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 07:18:05 EST

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          The AWN loses and gains this week as a major issue was brought to my attention. TEMPORARILY lost are the Flushed bugs and QA helpers. Experimenting with Flushed to get the correct developer has left it temporarily disabled. You see, the problem is that it is REMARKABLY difficult to accurately uncover who made the last state change to a bug without actually reading the long list. This is bad, and I consider it a flaw in bugzilla. More importantly, had the AWN a bug report, this would be marked critical. This week's gain was the nifty Patch Prize and its winner. I've decided not to state the winner until that section, but congratulations to you.

          As for AbiLand, if HEAD could talk, it would sing, as it currently possesses the ability to work with tables...in MS Word format. This was done, of course, as needed function by the contributor, ArVee. ArVee's next biggest project is importing Excel files as document objects. We Rock.

          Also, just as interesting, AbiWord gains YAH, yet another hacker. Some people contribute money, others contribute code. Mike Peters (yes, another Mike) recently gained some spare hobby time to assist AbiDevelopment, and the first thing he did was fix bug 3888, a gtk2 issue involving selection, opacity and other things I nolonger remember. I look forward to tracking another developer's weekly improvements.

          Finally, though many don't know it, I said if I was past 6am ET ever again, I'd start releasing the AWN on Sundays. Though this is actually a coincidence, I now have to get up a bit earlier on Mondays, so, the AWN will move Sunday. Self fulfilling prophecy?

          Final note, Mark owes the AbiFund $20, and he better pay up soon. Speaking of money, the financial contributions section has undergone change.... You can now track the AbiFund.

    PS: I love each and every one of you.
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