Re: Abi 1.0.3 will not load images & the spellcheck spouts gobbledy-gook!

Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 18:18:45 EST

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    Thanks for your advice on this one, and that from the other folk. I dutifully
    downloaded the tarball and installed as per the instructions on the Abiword
    site. No dice. All it installed were the two symlinks in /usr/local/bin - no
    Abisuite directory at all!

    I inspected the output and the things that appeared problematical were:
    1 It claimed not to be able to find libpng, which was needed to compile
    Abiword (it then went on to apparently compile!). I have the following in
            - - symlink to
            - - symlink to
            - - symlink to
            - - symlink to
            - - symlink to
    I think actually my setup is not right as programs often complain about
    incompaticble libpng but it does not seem to stop them working - until now!
    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to advise me on this.

    2 It kept saying 'unknown library 'gal'' and 'unknown library 'print'' , then
    'gnome-vfs-config : Command not found'.

    3 It finished up with 'make: *** [install] Error 2'

    Can anyone shed light on this for me please?


    From F J Franklin <> on Thu, 31 Oct 2002 12:01:14
    +0000 (GMT):
    > On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 wrote:
    > > I do not quite understand what is happening here. Am I to believe that
    > > no-one using Abiword can load pictures, or is it just Bernard Lambey
    > > and me? If the latter, how does a bug affect just the two of us? It
    > > would seem that the libpng problem is not the source of this trouble.
    > > So what is?
    > Not sure what the details of the bug are, but...
    > If it's a JPEG-import problem then either jpeg support wasn't enabled in
    > the build (which is possible but not very likely) or the JPEG images are
    > not supported by libjpeg or our use of it (which happens, I think).
    > If you have the AbiGdkPixbuf plug-in then perhaps that will have better
    > luck - you will probably need to specify it in the file import dialog box.
    > The ImageMagick plugin is another possibility.
    > If AbiWord's image handling is completely fscked then that suggests a
    > problem with libpng, probably because whoever build AbiWord did so using a
    > version of libpng incompatible with the one your system has.
    > Using pre-built binaries always caries this risk. Often the surest way to
    > make sure the software works as it should, is to build it yourself. Get
    > the 1.0.3 source tar-ball or the latest source from the AbiSuite CVS
    > STABLE tree (ask us for help with that; not sure there's any
    > documentation on that) and give it a shot...
    > Uncertainly,
    > Frank
    > Francis James Franklin
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