Different font problem

From: Price Technology (info@price-technology.com)
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 08:51:46 EDT

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    I get the Unix Font Warning which is documented, but I also have a second
    problem with fonts that prevents me from running AbiWord.

    I'm running RedHat 7.2 on a Dell Latitude, fresh install. AbiWord version is
    1.0.1-1 downloaded just yesterday in RPM format. RH7.2 comes with the 0.7
    version, which I uninstalled to allow me to install the new version. This
    may or may not be relevant, but when attempting to install the new version I
    received an error message telling me that a newer version was currently
    installed. Uninstall of current version took care of that problem.

    No other problems with Linux. I've run RH7.1 for a few months on same
    computer. I had this issue with version 0.9 of AbiWord on RH7.1 but can't
    for the life of me remember what I did to get around it.

    Error message is as follows: (pardon my verbosity)

    AbiWord could not find any local fonts in it's font path. Often this error
    is the result of invoking AbiWord directly instead of through it's wrapper
    shell script. The script sets the environment variable $ABISUITE_HOME which
    should point to the directory where AbiSuite components reside.

    The current font path contains the following directories:


    Please visit http://www.abisource.com/ for more information.

    There's an OK button, when clicked the message goes away without AbiWord

    AbiWord is being started via it's shell script so that's not the problem.
    Environment variables appear to be just as they should be in the script.
    There are AbiWord fonts in the /fonts directory. I've attempted to add the
    system fonts to it's path with no success. (I'm not an expert on scripts so
    this could be my bad)

    I've checked the FAQ and the last three months of archives from the mailing
    list and I've struck out so far.

    Anybody ?????


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