- again revisited

From: david thompson (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 06:01:07 EDT

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    I seem to have got some points wrong, or at least one which produced
    another error - namely that I did not realise that every posting to this
    forum is open. So to the person-developer who flamed me regarding my
    crit. of finding this file or making it accessible I apologise. I
    apologise for writing about a sneeky attack etc.

    But I do not take back what was written about the lack of accessibility,
    and that files should be linked too.

    Incidentally, I have read in a magazine this weekend that it is
    something of a sport for those who have spent years with linux to flame
    newbies,(Linux format, May 2002, page 7). Check out the attachment.

    I still have not found the file but presume somebody must have it.

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