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From: Alessandro Baretta (
Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 09:21:03 EDT

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    Jim Hettmer wrote:
    > OK. This old f**t wants to comment. ...

    I support your argument, Mr. Hettmer. RPM has a tendency to
    produce some frustration and some confusion. I think Windows
    has an edge on Linux as far as installers go, on average.
    And Abiword installs in a breeze on my Windows machine. Yes,
    we are bound to continue having some difficulty while rpm is
       the dominant installer technology for Linux, and the
    Abisource team is certainly not to blame for this.

    I merely wish to express the need for a diffusely
    constructive attitude, where all parties involved are free
    to express their feelings about Abiword, as I keep on
    saying, "with due respect", without the risk of being flamed
    by the developers or by other users.

    Alex Baretta

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