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Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 04:34:46 EDT

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    > > > What does OSX use for rendering then? Direct FB or something?
    > ...
    > > AbiWord for XDarwin is a traditional UNIX/GTK build, GTK is a traditional
    > > X11 build, X11 for MacOSX is XDarwin which uses Quartz Graphics when
    > > running in parallel with MacOSX (works some other way on raw Darwin, I
    > > think)...
    > >
    > That's not really the answer. What I'm asking is what does Aqua run on?
    > Is it a FB or is it X? If it's not X11, then I'd assume it's either
    > using something like Accellerated X, but then that's a proprietary of
    > X11 anyway. If it's not X11, in the broad or narrow sense, then It must
    > be hardware frame-buffer. Does *anyone* know? The reason I ask, is I was
    > curious if it was possible to login to a OSX box, using SSH, then run
    > Abiword through a SSH tunnel to some target machine, and vice versa.
    > I've heard it is *not* possible, but I don't have a Mac, so I don't
    > know.

    Aqua doesn't use X at all. I thought I did answer that. You can install
    XDarwin, however, which has absolutely nothing to do with Aqua.

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