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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 12:03:10 EDT

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    On Fri, 10 May 2002, Mark wrote:
    > Aha. It worked. Prefacing the command with "sh." I guess I should
    > have known that. When is sh required before a script? Always unless
    > the script is called within the script? Dumb question, but sincere.

    You shouldn't need to - unless you have the permissions set wrong? Try:

    chmod 755 AbiWord

    > Any idea how to make sh AbiWord work from a Gnome launcher? Ive tried
    > the command line sh AbiWord and run in terminal, but that wont do it.
    > Not a major issue, but for my edification.

    If you've installed the AbiWord script in /usr/local/bin then a
    command-line of /usr/local/bin/AbiWord should work fine.

    Ciao, Frank

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