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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 09:00:05 EDT

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    Well, David Thompson, I'm only an AbiWord user not a developer. But I find
    both your messages, the original and your reply to Dom, naive at best, and
    petulant and demanding more than not. Please realize that the *nix
    community contains many people who contribute a lot of programming (some
    good, some bad) for free. I'm not a programmer and have only been using
    Linux for three years. (In fact, I'm a poet and English teacher, somewhat
    beyond middle age.) In these three years, I've found various folks on
    various lists to be helpful. But I don't throw a snit when I ask for help;
    I don't demand x, y, or z. And I have tried to be helpful in my turn.

    Dom's reply to you is somewhat testy. I don't blame him; I don't think I
    have the patience to be as kind as he was.

    Hang in there, David. AbiWord's a great program. If you don't like it or
    can't get it to work, there's always Star Office or the KDE office


    On Fri, 10 May 2002, david thompson wrote:

    > A reply to my enquiry and comment about libgal was made yesterday, a copy of which is attached. See how bad tempered it is. My reply is below.
    > it is true that I have not been using linux for long, but this does not mean that I am stupid. It is also true that I quite like abiword - if I did not then I would not bother to try to upgrade the program.
    > I have looked repeatedly in but have not found the file. I have also looked on the ximian site and the Gnome site but have not found the file.
    > I am very sorry that you cannot take criticism, but the fact remains that the libgal file is obscure, and therefor hard to find. If you insist on making a program which uses obscure files then at least provide a page of links to these files.
    > I find that the content of the attachment is bad tempered, and sneeky. My message was open - for all too see. But yours is personal, and hidden - like you do not want anyone too see what a 'nice guy' you are, or how well you can take a fair comment.
    > I shall be posting the attachment, along with this reply for all too see.
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    The Ghazal Page

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