Re: Capitalize first letter of sentence

From: Dr. David B. Teague (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 10:28:18 GMT

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    Please, if you provide initial letter capitalization,
    don't make it hard to turn on and off.

    I dislike the capitalize initial letter feature. It gets
    in the way when I type single letter variables, say
    in "for loops" in notes for programming classes.
    Neverthless, not everthing is a program, so
    sometimes I find it useful.

    Regarding implementing initial letter capitalization
    feature as a plugin. Does this feature require a lot
    of code? That would justify using a plugin, unless
    plugins cannot be added or removed while the program
    is running. Restarting or worse reinstalling to enable or
    disable this feature would be unreasonable.

    David Teague

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    > On 04 Mar 2002 22:11:49 +0100, you wrote:
    > >> I actually really like the feature as long as there's an easy way to
    disable it
    > >s/disable/enable/
    > Isn't it stuff like this that should be put into a plug-in?
    > I personally hate that feature, but a lot of people apparently like
    > it. They should be able to install the plug-in, from a nice selection
    > in the installation program and thus have it running all the time. I
    > could ignore it and keep my AbiWord fast and slim.
    > I am convinced that it is these small extra features, but countless of
    > them, that have exploded the complexity in Microsoft Word and made it
    > the unwieldy bloat-monster it is today.
    > - Nikolaj

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